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Our unique practice provides first class services ranging from general dentistry to specialist dentistry, facial aesthetics, dental hygiene and dental implants.


At Paragon Dental, we strive to offer you first class services that meet all your needs – from routine dental exams and hygienist treatments to specialist root canals and periodontal treatments. Our goal is to provide you with highly effective treatment options performed in an empathic environment by dedicated dental professionals. With Paragon Dental, your comfort and good dental health is assured through comprehensive dental care.

Your beautiful smile is a glowing reflection of your good dental health. We consider it our professional privilege to help you achieve a perfectly radiant smile.

White Fillings

We believe in offering dentistry solutions that support your good dental health beautifully. White fillings, as opposed to amalgam (silver/mercury) fillings, are a perfect example of our pursuit of healthy dental care solutions.

White fillings are made of specialised composite resins that bond with your teeth, giving additional strength to the damaged or decayed tooth. Composite resin fillings allow for a virtually invisible filling and perfectly natural look because they may be colour-matched to your existing teeth. Another benefit is that usually less drilling is required for White Fillings.

For high quality protection of a decayed tooth, White Fillings offer you a safe alternative to potentially harmful amalgam fillings – with a beautiful natural appearance.

Inlays and Onlays

At times, a tooth may have a large cavity or filling which creates a weakened structural condition of your entire tooth. Inlays and Onlays, used as indirect fillings, can add strength to the tooth and preserve the natural contours of your tooth’s chewing surfaces, allowing you to eat with complete confidence.

Inlays and Onlays are made of precious metals at times, but most often special porcelains and composite resins are used due to their ability to be custom-coloured to match your existing teeth.

Your dentist will conduct a careful examination of your teeth to determine the most beneficial dental care solution for your specific need and will discuss every option until you are fully informed and comfortable with the treatment recommendations.


Many dental situations may find their remedy in our custom-fit crowns. Usually created from especially durable ceramics, crowns are designed to cover the entire tooth and offer both protection for a weakened tooth – from a crack, for example – and aesthetic applications for cosmetic dentistry – for teeth that are misshapen or deeply discoloured.

Custom made and coloured to match your existing teeth, Crowns may be recommended by your Paragon dentist for a number of reasons:

Your Paragon dentist will explain the special benefits that Crown placement treatments can bring to your teeth and your smile. We want you to recover complete functionality as well as a natural, beautiful smile.


The simplicity of veneers and the dramatic results they can achieve have made this dental care solution extremely popular. When discussing your dental care needs, the option of veneers may be presented by your dentist to correct or address such things as:

Bonded directly to the surface of your tooth, veneers are thin laminates of the highest quality ceramic meant to replicate healthy, white tooth enamel. Veneers are custom created to fit perfectly and the special grade ceramic ensures long-lasting durability.

Veneers allow your Paragon Dentist to craft a beautifully natural smile for you and, whether used for a few small changes or in a substantial makeover, the results will be spectacular and easily accomplished.


One of the most difficult dental care problems our patients can encounter and endure is a missing tooth. At Paragon Dental, we know and understand the obstacles you face when one or more of your teeth are missing.

A simple and effective dental care solution to missing teeth is a Bridge. Bridges are artificial teeth that are permanently held in place by crowns on the teeth sitting on either side of your missing tooth. With this custom-fit option, your missing tooth is replaced and your neighbouring teeth are no longer exposed and vulnerable to decay. A bridge also ensures your teeth maintain their proper placement so your bite does not become misaligned, creating further dental care problems.

Bridges can be the ideal dental care solution to your missing teeth. Speak with your dentist today at Paragon Dental and let us restore natural functionality and beauty to your smile.


Cosmetic dentistry at Paragon Dental is our opportunity to develop an aesthetic rapport with our patients that supports their achieving the smile of their dreams.

Whether your dream smile can be accomplished through the simple, near-immediate results gained from teeth whitening or through the comprehensive procedures in a complete smile makeover, we will take the time and attentiveness necessary to ensure you realise your dream.

We combine the highest ethics of good dental health with sterling aesthetics to offer you cutting edge cosmetic dentistry treatment options.

Teeth Whitening

When asked to name the one thing they feel would improve their smile, the majority of dental patients answer: whiter teeth.

Your dentist at Paragon Dental knows the importance of having a bright, white smile – for social and business appearances – but mostly for the self confidence a dazzling smile gives you. We offer in-office and in-home Teeth whitening as separate dental care solutions or used in tandem, when appropriate.

If our in-home option is most convenient, you can expect excellent results using our premium whitening gel within 2-4 weeks depending on stain severity. Your Paragon dentist will ensure that you have a complete understanding of the in-home teeth whitening process for the best possible results.

As the most popular and most often performed cosmetic dental option, teeth whitening can produce dramatic results in as little as an hour with the in-office procedure. Paragon Dental uses premium whitening compounds that quickly and safely break down stains on your teeth leaving you with a beautifully brightened smile.

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure that can quickly achieve the beautiful, glowing smile you desire.

Smile Design/Makeovers

Your smile is uniquely yours and is your very personal way of communicating socially and professionally.

At Paragon Dental, we are committed to the enhancement of your individual aesthetics in our smile makeover process. We believe it is as important to build a rapport with smile makeover patients and we strive to recommend cosmetic dental solutions based on not only sound dentistry, but on each individual’s personality and desires.

Your smile makeover consultation will be a comprehensive consultation and discussion of the best cosmetic dental options for your particular needs. These options could include individual or in combination procedures such as:

Teeth Whitening, this simple process can quickly brighten any smile.
Veneers, close gaps and create a pleasing, uniform appearance to your teeth while covering cracks and stains – plus adding strength to each tooth.
Crowns, reconstruct chipped or worn teeth for a completely natural appearance while regaining full functionality
Bridges, replace missing teeth with custom-fit, colour-matched replicas that restore function and beauty.
Dental Implants, this perfect permanent replacement solution for missing teeth gives you identical functionality of your natural teeth in beautiful, non-staining ceramic.
Orthodontics, invisible and visible braces to dramatically improve the appearance of non straight teeth .
Your smile makeover at Paragon Dental will receive our undivided attention, whether you simply wish whiter teeth or require extensive restoration procedures. We listen. We care. We create a smile with you in mind.


The foundation of your good dental health is your daily home dental hygiene routine. This practice is supported by regular visits to your dental hygienist and examinations by your dentist.

The dental hygienists at Paragon Dental offer you high quality, professional dental care, including

We believe good dental health is a partnership between us and our patients – and, like any good partner, we will work side-by-side with you to accomplish and sustain your goal of a life-long, beautifully healthy smile.


Endodontic, or root canal, therapy is a highly successful dental care solution for teeth that have become seriously infected due to decay, periodontal (gum) disease, or injury.

At Paragon Dental, our primary concern is achieving and preserving your good dental health and root canal therapy offers an excellent opportunity to save an infected tooth. We understand the concerns a patient may have prior to undergoing a root canal procedure and we will take all the time necessary to discuss the processes involved so each patient will feel as comfortable as possible.

Your level of comfort is very important to us and we offer several anaesthetic options, including a specially formulated gel for your gums, to ensure a positive experience for you.

Your Paragon dentist will carefully explain the process that is a root canal therapy, as we believe there is more opportunity for you to be comfortable with your treatment if you understand what is being done and why.

The purpose of root canal therapy is to gently cleanse the infection from the nerve in the canals of the tooth, and then carefully place a sterilising medication into the canals. This protects the tooth from further infection. Next, a composite resin filling is set and your tooth is protected and free of infection.

The dedicated dental professionals at Paragon Dental are every ready to take comprehensive measures to ensure and secure your comfort and your good dental health.


Known by most as “gum” disease, it is essentially an infection of the gums, teeth, and sometimes even the supporting bone around the teeth.

Our Periodontist and dental hygienist at Paragon Dental will work with you to prevent any occurrences of gum disease through careful examination and thorough cleanings. Your daily dental care routine can do much to protect you against the damage, discomfort, and pain this disease can cause.

Gum disease is caused primarily due to the build up of plaque, also known as tartar, on your teeth. Plaque collects in hard to reach spots and eventually creates ridges that press against gums, producing tiny tears in the tissue that become infected. When plaque hardens and extends below your gum line, it is essential to have your Paragon Dental hygienist help you by removing such stubborn deposits.

Periodontal disease is marked by numerous symptoms:

However, not all cases will display these warning signs, which is why your Paragon dentist conducts periodontal screenings during your routine dental care exams and if necessary to be referred to our Periodontist.

If we determine you are suffering from periodontal disease, we will take immediate steps to control the infection and return your good dental health. These steps can include regular visits with our Periodontist and dental hygienist to ensure all plaque is removed and special dental care hygiene for you to use at home. The periodontist will assess and carry out necessary treatment to stabilise your periodontal condition and to improve your dental health.


Missing teeth are a dental problem that can be detrimental to your dental and overall good health. Many dental care options exist to solve the difficulties encountered with missing teeth, but none offer the permanency and complete return to normal functionality available with Dental Implants.

Created as bespoke replicas of your missing teeth, dental implants are made from titanium which are placed into the jawbone beneath the gums. Once in place, a custom made crown is attached to the implant which will provide you the same functionality and appearance of your natural teeth.

Your Paragon dentist will conduct an extensive exam prior to recommending dental implants, including determining the density and amount of jaw bone available at the implant site. This is an important factor for a successful implant – there must be sufficient bone that is strong enough to support the implant.

If you are determined to be a good candidate for dental implants, we will carefully explain every step of the procedures involved and answer any questions you may have. It is very important to us that you understand and are comfortable with your recommended dental care treatment.

We know the frustration of enduring missing teeth – an unappealing smile, difficulty chewing, and even speaking in some cases, and the potential for damage to gums and the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. If you suffer from tooth loss, please call today and let us find the perfect dental care solution that will allow you to regain your smile.



Botox® was first used in 1980 as a treatment for eye ticks, twitching, uncontrolled blinking and the lazy eye. Subsequently, it has been safely used cosmetically for over 20 years.

Botox® is a purified protein derived from bacteria, not the actual Bacteria which when used in a very specific, controlled manner causes the facial muscles to relax. It is administered in very minute amounts, carefully and delicately injected into specific muscles in the face using a micro needle.

This causes the muscles that produce deep lines and wrinkles to relax, but still allows the other non-targeted muscles to continue to move, thus maintaining all your facial expressions and achieving a natural, fresher look. It does not ‘freeze’ or ‘paralyze’ the face, it merely temporarily prevents nerve impulses from causing excessive movements.

The procedure itself is very brief lasting no more than 20-30 minutes and is not generally considered painful.

Botox® takes about 2 weeks to activate and completely relax the muscles but you will start to notice changes within 5-10 days. It will last for approximately 3-4 months after which it will start to wear off as new nerve endings begin to grow. However this re-growth starts to slow down with time, so the more treatments you have the more time it will take for the effects to fully wear off.

Dermal Fillers

The health and appearance of our skin is affected by a number of lifestyle, environmental and biological factors including sun damage, the weather, pollution, hormonal fluctuations and smoking. Our skin is under constant attack and it is little wonder that it begins to loose its elasticity and hence takes on a loose, less taut appearance.

Dermal fillers are made from Hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring component of the skin. It has the remarkable ability to absorb more that 10 times its weight in water! Thereby adding volume and creating a naturally lifted appearance.

Dermal fillers are used to plump up the skin and give it a fuller, smoother appearance by delicately filling out permanent groves and lines in the face.

Areas commonly improved by dermal fillers include:

These treatments usually last for up to a year and depending on the type and age of the skin. If the procedure is not repeated the skin will gradually return to its pre-treatment condition.

The procedure takes between 20-30 minutes using a very fine needle. Prior to this a cream is used to numb the area and in some cases a local anaesthetic is used.

Results are instant. Any side effects are likely to include minimal redness and swelling as well as possible mild bruising at the injection site.

Products used include Juvederm ULTRA and Restylane should clients want it in particular.

Facial Peels

The skin is the most visible and largest organ of the body and yet it is often the most neglected. As we age, our skin starts to look dull and listless. This is due to hormonal changes, weight fluctuation, lack of sleep, stress, sun damage and a build up of make up.

In any combination these factors affect the texture and appearance of our skin resulting in either a dull and listless appearance or a complexion marked with spots and blemishes. Adult acne is an increasing problem as many women complain of spots and blemishes long after adolescence.

Skin peels have been used since ancient Egyptian times where fruit juice acids were used to rejuvenate the skin. Modern skin peels have been in use sine the 1960s and now very specific AHA (Glycolic) and TCA peels are used to give very controlled and precise peels of the skin.

Peels help to make our skin look smooth, more refined and ‘fresh looking’. A rejuvenated skin has more colour and reflects more light.

During a chemical skin peel a solution is applied to the face causing a controlled and rapid exfoliation of the superficial skin layers. This is most likely to bring on a warm and tingling sensation which could last about five to ten minutes.

This stimulates subsequent production of new cells, collagen and elastin and in this way we can help to treat the following:

We currently offer 2 different peeling treatments to suit all budgets and desired outcomes:

Easy Phytic peel Alphahydroxy acids (AHAs)

Effective exfoliation requiring no down time (ie no visible peeling of the skin) as well as a good way to maintain the skin for once off touch ups in between peels.

Normally 6 peels are required over a period of 6 weeks to get a good effect. Sun screen should be used for several months.

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA)

This peel is applied in 4 treatments over a period of 4-5 weeks.

The skin may need a pre-peel treatment for 2 weeks to get better results.

Before the actual peel, the skin will be cleansed and then and then TCA peel will be applied in several coats. During this time you may experience a warm tingling sensation which should last for a few minutes.

Finally a post peel cream will be applied.

Possible side effects include mild itchiness, redness and dryness of the skin.

Redness may last for up to half a day.

Peeling will start to occur between days 2-3. After the peel the skin will appear fresher, tighter and smoother. Sun screen should always be used after the peel for several months.

Obagi Skin System

Please book in for a consultation


Have you ever considered having straight teeth and a perfect smile but have been put off by the thought that braces are only for children and likely to be socially embarrassing?

Well, at Paragon Dental we appreciate that some of our patients may feel self conscious about having braces. It is for this reason that we provide the least conspicuous braces using state of the art techniques and materials. We want our patients to feel comfortable with the knowledge that they can undergo orthodontic treatment and get on with their day to day lives without anyone noticing.
We provide a relaxed, professional and caring environment where we value patient care and satisfaction above all else. This ethos has meant that personal patient recommendation still contributes to the biggest proportion of our new referrals

We provide the following types of braces:

Lingual braces

These braces are fixed to the side of the teeth that faces the tongue making them virtually impossible to see.

Clear aligners/Invisalign

This is a form of treatment that involves wearing a series of very thin, clear aligners that gradually straighten the teeth. This again is a virtually invisible form of treatment.
Ceramic labial braces

These braces are like the conventional metal braces except they are much less noticeable than traditional metal braces, thanks to their translucent appearance which blends in with the colour of your teeth

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